We Are Wayfinding Experts

Intertwined within each strategy is our compass: the Richards VESS™ system. VESS™ stands for Visitor Experience Score System. It guides us to guide you.

And we think of everything - placement, content, nomenclature, design, consistency, legibility, condition, functionality, personal support, collateral, digital tools, lighting, landmarks, key intersections, destinations, brand standards, cleanliness, websites, pre-arrival guides, maps, brochures, GPS, oh and there's more. Told you, wayfinding experts.

Meet the Richards VESS™ Process – Visitor Experience Score System

The simple goal

Get people where they need to go in an efficient, effective, enjoyable way. Here’s how we do it.


We walk the talk, literally. We’ll put the users’ shoes on and navigate the environment documenting every step of the way using our VESSTM scoring system.


Taking the VESSTM results, we meet as a team to map out the future, developing a custom wayfinding strategy tailored to your needs


Putting the strategy into action, our expert team of experienced designers get to work creating everything you need to visualize your future environment.


Working with one of our approved, trustworthy fabrication partners, we bring the designs to life.


Stress-free installations. Someone from Richards will be on-site to make sure everything runs smoothly.


A successful project no matter the size should always be celebrated. Cheers!